Hartwood Joinery’s services go above and beyond those of our competitors. From conception to installation, we’ll provide a professional, outstanding service every step of the way.

We'll produce accurate CAD designs in house to illustrate your project, be it commercial or domestic, and our hands-on team will complete dedicated site surveys, ensuring all our clients are given first-class treatment.

For a brief example of the services we offer, from initial concepts to the final joinery solution, see below...

  • Initial consultation

  • Competitive quotation

  • Thorough site survey

  • Expert design

  • Accurate & concise briefing

  • Bespoke samples

  • High-quality manufacturing

  • Meticulous wrapping

  • Fast delivery

  • Installation (if required)

  • Final handover

We handle the extensive manufacturing process of your project in our Kent-based workshops, managing every aspect, right through to veneering and finishing, wrapping and delivery – meeting the highest of standards, to the tightest of deadlines. 

We’ve established a firm reputation for delivering bespoke design solutions using a number of high-quality elements. You see, at Hartwood Joinery, we don’t solely work with natural hardwood, softwoods, laminates and manufactured boards – in fact, we pride ourselves on being able to build contemporary design solutions using a broad variety of materials – just see our dedicated materials section below for more information.

Initial consultation

Simply give us call on 01233 878986, (or drop us an email via the envelope icon at the bottom of this page) to talk our team through your project. Whether it’s a commercial or a domestic enquiry, we’ll carefully explain our processes to you and potentially set up a meeting at our premises. We will always be on-hand to answer any questions from this stage.


At Hartwood Joinery, we’re continuously breaking new ground and pride ourselves on being able to offer a wide range of materials to our clients. These include specialist natural hardwoods, softwoods, manufactured boards, veneers, specialist glass, laminates, leathers, fabrics, stainless steel and Perspex. We also work with solid surfaces including LG Hi Macs, marble and granite.

We work with an extremely broad spectrum of solid timbers and timber veneers. Our in-house veneering machinery maintains quality control, while creating a truly spectacular effect. 

Marble design and fabrication can create simply wonderful results when teamed with timber. We offer this service as part of our joinery packages, working closely with specialists to integrate the two materials to the highest standard. We often involve specialist glass and mirrors into our projects with the use of UV bonding, if required.

Our capabilities extend to metalwork, too. We work with structural engineers' reports, CAD drawings, and materials including powder-coated steel, anodised aluminium, and satin or polish-finished stainless steel.

Competitive quotation

Following a consultation with a member of our management team, we'll establish initial project costs, offering the highest quality manufacturing and delivery services at competitive rates.

Thorough site survey

Site surveys are an important element of our service package. We'll conduct a thorough analysis of the project space, making a note of the working area, its access points and measurements, to ensure we fully understand your space and all its features. This enables us to deliver a truly first-class service that meets every one of your project specifications. 

Expert design

Quality and efficiency will remain priorities throughout the entire process. Using our expert CAD services, we'll work closely with architects to make your project come to life, ensuring it's not only suitable for manufacture, but is created with the very best materials, and endless design possibilities. We work with 2D drawings, 3D drawings, and can offer CGI images if required.

Accurate, concise briefing process

We want to help your project come to life, smoothly and efficiently. In order to do this, we endeavour to build a close relationship with each client to understand exactly what is required from us within the specified time scale, and how we can deliver the very best solution for their bespoke joinery needs. We liaise closely with architects, designers and stakeholders so our clients can be confident in the knowledge that we’re all on the same page – no matter the size or scale of the project.

Bespoke samples

We take as much care in creating our samples as we do our finished product, because it’s important to us that you understand – and are ultimately 100 per cent happy – with our materials, our services, and of course, so you can see a sneak peek of what your completed design will look like once we’ve worked our magic.

Solid surfaces, lighting, metal and glass work, veneers and finishing are all delivered to a seriously high standard – leaving our clients content and completely satisfied that we've delivered.

High-quality manufacturing

Our expert teams manufacture all designs in our 12,000 sq ft custom-built workshops in Kent while working closely with our Company Director, General Manager, and client stakeholders. Your project will be allocated to one of our dedicated teams who will ensure both specifications and deadlines are met. Project management is key and something we pride ourselves on. 

Meticulous wrapping

Once the production process is complete and we're confident we have met the design specifications down to every wood grain and join, we’ll expertly wrap our clients’ designs using the highest-quality packing materials, to ensure the finished project arrives looking just as perfect as it did in our workshop.

Fast delivery

And our service doesn’t stop there. We’ll sort the delivery, too, meaning that our products will arrive on time, expertly packed, and within your deadlines.

Installation (if required)

If required, we’ll also arrange for installation. How’s that for first-class service?

Final handover

We’re happy when you’re happy. So only when our team – and our clients – are confident that we’ve completed our very best work, will we sign off a project. We'll provide you with all the information you need to care for and maintain your bespoke joinery... and we very much hope to work with you again.