Corporate social responsibility


Apprenticeship programme

An apprenticeship is a genuine job with an accompanying assessment and skills development schedule. It is a way for students to earn while they learn, gaining valuable workplace skills in a trade of their choice.

We are committed to offering annual placements to apprentices and our programme supports students' learning through their bench joinery journey.

We need more young people to join the trade and see passion in STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) and vocational qualifications. We see joinery as a hugely exciting vocation and are open to offering opportunities to those seeking a career in the trade.


We currently work with East Kent College to offer Bench / Architechtural Joinery apprenticeships. We provide both a safe and friendly environment to guide apprentices through their learning. If you would like to learn more about our programme or get involved, email



As a company, we have a duty to be fully informed about our manufacturing processes and the impact they can have on the environment., so we take every care to ensure we do everything in our power to maintain a sustainable, green business.

The most important achievement in our mission to become more environmentally conscious has been the installation of our 350kW Ranheat biomass boiler system.

Biomass green credentials are achieved by saving a significant amount of natural resources.

Our Ranheat biomass is fuelled by all of Hartwood Joinery’s timber waste. The collection and disposal of the waste reduces our carbon footprint, but the saving doesn’t end there.

Our biomass system also heats our factory thereby reducing the exertion of fossil fuels.

Environmental awareness and sustainability are priorities for Hartwood Joinery in the coming years.


We believe we have a responsibility as a joinery company and we encourage all our staff to improve processes where they can.

Revisit our CSR page soon for all the details on our FSC accreditation.


Our long-term goal as a business is to support our local community where we can and to give back to meaningful UK initiatives where possible.

The Brain Tumour Charity is a UK-wide charity making significant progress in tackling groundbreaking treatments. Brain tumours are the biggest cancer killer in the under 40s and over 11,000 people are diagnosed with a primary brain tumour every year. It’s a cause - and a charity - close to us and every year we make an undisclosed donation to support their research.